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Shaukat Chowdhari M.D


​Patient Testimonial's

“This is one way for us to say thanks to USF for letting our family be involved with this kind of philanthropic situation not only in medicine and academia, but also athletics,” Dr. Shaukat Chowdhari said when the Center was first opened to the men's and women's golf teams.

Shaukat Chowdhari's dedication to medicine is exemplified through his practice and philanthropy. Dr. Chowdhari and his family have earned a reputation for developing and funding a variety of programs involving health education at the U.S.F College and Florida Hospital. He helped renovate the U.S.F gross anatomy laboratory, along with donating a golfing facility for the U.S.F college athletic department. He also serves as a director for the U.S.F foundation board, and previously as an assistant professor. In addition to his generous donations Dr. Chowdhari has also started an annual MCAT prep course that allows many students who are at a financial disadvantage to study and prepare for the exam. For many years he has donated to Independent Day School and has received the Philanthropy award for his contributions.  

“This is our family’s way of showing appreciation to the University of South Florida, and in particular, the USF College of Medicine, for the training Dr. Chowdhari acquired there when he did his fellowship,” said Antonina Chowdhari, referring to her husband’s fellowship training in pain management at USF.

Shaukat Chowdhari M.D